Questions for Andrew Vickers on "Tracing Empty Property Owners"

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Conference 2010 Questions

Any recommendations or advice please?  Ive heard the talk from several but have yet to be impressed by information that can often be found via internet.  What useful information would only be available to them and not EPO's?

Hello Richard,
I've used KIN in the past and found them very helpful. When I've exhausted everything they are a last resort. They are notoriously tight lipped on their exact methods, but they have helped me trace relatives abroad. I know they work with similar companies world wide. I would guess that they use experian and similar companies. I know that for one investigation they did for me they bought 20 birth certificates at £7 a time
Their contact; Heather Manning, is very professional and well worth talking to. She is very helpful and friendly. You must bear in mind that they are a coffin chasing company. ie they are in it for the cash. It helps if there is a good estate that they can take a share of. Also it is good practice for you to have exhausted all avenues before contacting them. If we all use them too much their offer of a free service will surely dry up.
See you tomorrow to chat further if you wish