RPT decisions re EDMOs

EMDOs in the Northwest

Hi all

up here in Rochdale we are getting some odd decisions with regards our EDMO applications once we get to the RPT. In essence we are getting a bit concerned of the somewhat liberal position they are taking in favour of the owners. Essentially even when they have evidence showing that the owners niether has the means or desire to renovate the property,that its been empty for years, or partial works have been done but not actioned for a long period we are getting them refused or deferred. Its getting a tuch frustrating.

So I would be interested know what other peoples experience has been in the North West of the RPTas we might want to make representatons to CLG etc. I would be grateful if anyone has issues to drop me a line on rhimanager@zen.co.uk


Darryl Lawrence

Rochdale Housing Initiative


Hi Darryl - any chance of supplying case identification info such as addresses, case reference numbers etc? I'll take a look at the decisions.
There is a case for EHN writing to the relevant authorities in the Justice Ministry if there are what seem to be inappropriate applications of the law.