Scoring Properties?

Morning all,

I am a long time lurker and first time poster here, having been an Empty Homes Officer at a previous local authority for 6 years, i took the reigns at a new one Monday this week.

I have a question regarding the scoring of CPOs.

At my old authority they used a VERY old excel spreadsheet with a formula which scored a series of categories or conditions ultimating giving a property an overall numeral score rating how bad it was. The highest numbers were the ones justified for CPO while the lowest were the ones just routinely monitored.

Unfortuanetly this process was incredibly old and dated and at my new authority im looking to implement a new system which takes into account current living conditions etc.

Does anybody use a similar method they would be happy to share with me and my LA so that i can utilise it in house here?

Or do people have another method/way of priororitising CPO cases with justification for when challenged?

Kind regards,