Sharing information accross a County

Is there anyone else currently sharing information with other local authorities about empty home owners.

We are a District Council within a County and feel it would be useful to share information in some circumstances. We share an empty homes strategy which includes the ambition to do this.

Does anyone know if it would be possible? I have a few examples which I think it would be useful for me to have information from other authorities

  1. Where we are considering/engaged in Compulsory Purchase or enforced sale of a property, knowing if the property owner has other vacant properties in other areas and if there has been other enforcement action carried out
  2. Where I can’t find an owner of an empty property and suspect they may be living in a neighbouring authority – if they are able to send letters on or even share an address
  3. Where there is an owner of multiple empty properties close to our border, could we join forces to link our actions (would require some detailed sharing of information

Are there any examples where this is already being carried out? Could you share how this is being done?



Helen Rhodes

Empty Homes Officer

Selby District Council

FOI, data protection etc