Trend in level of empty homes


I've been asked to produce a report and to include how the trend on empty properties is going nationally.

Here in Selby we had a bad year last year with a 14% increase in the levels of empty homes at the October date for the New Homes Bonus submission.

This year we are expecting a 17% decrease in the overall number.

I don't need much detail, but would be grateful if you could let me know if you are expecting an upwards or downwards trend in the figures




In Cornwall we are anticipating a decrease of between 25-35% compared to last year, partly due to market forces (pandemic-related) but also our extensive (now routine) data cleansing plus other proactive and reactive casework (advice and financial assistance, enforcement, etc.).


David Clough (Empty Homes Team Manager - Cornwall Council)

We have National figures, going back over five years, to show the number of empty properties each council has (based upon the CTB1 Submissions). We will collate data for 2021 straight after this year's submission. Happy to share

Hello all, and thank you Helen for your timely post!

Over the past few weeks and months, I have been working with colleagues within the EHN Exec to build a proposal to conduct extensive research in collaboration with Local Authorities nationally, into the rise in numbers of empty homes, the reasons behind these rises, and whether Councils (empty homes officers specifically), are experiencing a differentiation between the statistics they are seeing locally, to those that are being reported nationally and through their CTB submissions.

As part of this research, we are hoping to invite as many local authorities and empty homes officers to take part as possible, as not only will this give us a wider spread of investigation, but also more detailed data from which to draw theory and conclusion from, for the benefit of supporting those staff who work in the empty homes field.

We will be making an announcement and call for authorities to take part at the end of the coming week, so please keep an eye out for that, and how to take part, on the EHN Website. 

I look forward to letting you know more in due course!