Utility supplies

Hi all

Im not sure if anyone has come across this one before but im increasingly asked to turn off water supplies or arrange for this to be done when properties have been empty for a while.  Has anyone else ever encountered this and if so what did you do?

Many thanks

miscellaneous issues

We have had water disconnected on an number of occassions but this is mainly due to water wastage if there is a leak.  Under those circumstances we get the local water utility company to disconnect.  We don't disconnect because residents adjacent to empty properties want us to do so.  If they have concerns I normally tell them to contact the water supplier themselves.

If there is a leak causing damage to adjacent property we will get a plumber to either fix the leak or isolate the water abating a nuisance.  I normally use Sec80 of the EPA for that one.

Can we ask under what circumstances you are being asked to disconnect a water supply.  Is it because there is a leak, or is it because neighbours are concerned that a leak may occur, or is it for some other reason?


Terry Curnow

Liverpool City Council