When a property becomes an asset of the Crown

I'm investigating sites which have current planning permission but have not been brought forward.  One of these sites, which has an empty property, was owned by a company however this company has now been dissolved and the property now belongs to the crown.  

I want to see the site come forward for development however unsure on who to contact to find out what the crown intends to do with site, when / if / how it will be released for sale.

Wondered if anyone had an experience with this.  Thanks


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Humankind Housing recently purchased a property from Crown Estates on our behalf (Barnsley Council) as part of our purchase and repair scheme. I dealt with all the negotiations via the Treasury's solicitor who at the time were Burges Salmon LLP (Abi Longman: 0117 902 7295 / Abi.Longman@burges-salmon.com

Hope this helps.

Amy (BMBC)

We;'ve gone through the Duchy of Lancaster and the Crown with a couple of properties in similar circumstances in the County Borough of Wrexham. One was sold at auction to a private developer, the other was bought directly from the Crown by a Registered Social Landlord. The latter was complex and we had to pay for legal advice to confirm the company was fully dissolved and could not be restored before the Crown would act but it was worth it as we were then reimbursed from the sale, the problematic properties were demolished and new affordable housing in their place are nearly finished.

Happy to discuss this further if you want. Feel free to call me on 01978 315 587 or email me on sion.wynne@wrexham.gov.uk if you want to discuss any aspect of this work. You will need to contact me this week though as I'm leaving Wrexham County Borough Council on Friday 22nd of November for pastures new!