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Options for dealing with squatting - response to consultation and proposals consultation response 2011 02Nov2011
New Homes Bonus - Affordable Housing Supply statistics current 30Oct2011
Supporting Self-Help Housing: Enabling community organisations to access the Empty Homes Programme - BSHF paper Report 2011 20Oct2011
Building and Social Housing Foundation - home page home page current 20Oct2011
Self-help housing – towards a greater role - TSRC Briefing Paper 54 briefing 2011 20Oct2011
Self-Help Housing: Third Sector Research Centre papers research findings current 20Oct2011
Self-Help Housing: Supporting locally driven housing solutions - BSHF paper research findings 2011 20Oct2011
Streamlining council housing asset management: Disposals and use of receipts - Consultation consultation document 2011 06Oct2011
The general consents under section 25 of the Local Government Act 1988 (Local Authority assistance for privately let housing) 2010 Statutory Instrument 2010 06Oct2011
Transfer of council homes to a charity for £1 - Mansfield Cabinet report committee report 2011 01Oct2011
EDMO draft changes January 2011 09Sep2011
FOI Appeal Decision - Camden 2011 decision/ruling/judgement (non-Tribunal/RPT) 2011 05Sep2011
Information Rights Tribunal - home page link to webpage current 05Sep2011
Options for Dealing with Squatters - MOJ consultation exercise consultation document 2011 18Aug2011
EHN letter to DCLG about national Empty Homes Strategy - July 2011 empty homes strategy 2011 07Jul2011
Empty homes: national commitment, local action empty homes strategy 2010 06Jul2011
National Landlords Association - home page home page current 04Jul2011
Planning Act Section 215 - delegation of powers - RBKC Committee Report 2009 30Jun2011
EHN review of statutory constraints on HCA powers to fund empty homes work 26Jun2011
HSSA Guidance 2010-11 statistics 2011 24Jun2011
HCA GIS mapping of empty homes - gateway statistics current 21Jun2011
From empty promise to national action plan: Creating a national empty homes initiative empty homes strategy 2009 21Jun2011
Control over listed and conservation area buildings 21Jun2011
HCA Empty Homes Toolkit empty homes strategy current 21Jun2011
Scottish Empty Homes Partnership - Finance Guide guidance, best practice and case studies 2011 06Jun2011
EHN Service Level Agreements with David Gibbens - till 31Dec2017 02Jun2011
EHN/HCA emails re Empty Homes Expressions of Interest April 2011 grant scheme details 2011 27Apr2011
Temporary Empty Homes - HCA response to EHN questions guidance, best practice and case studies 2011 21Apr2011
Local Housing Allowance Guidance Manual guidance, best practice and case studies current 20Apr2011
CLG Draft Statistics Plan 2011-12 - Consultation statistics 2011 18Apr2011
TEH - EHN letter to HCA 18th April 2011 letter 2011 18Apr2011
Temporary Empty Homes - HCA Capital Funding Guide grant scheme details current 15Apr2011
Enforced Sale - Sefton MBC proposed procedure 2010 15Apr2011
HCA funding - EHN Practitioner Guide 12Apr2011
Expression of Interest template for the £100m form 2011 12Apr2011
New Homes Bonus Grant Detemination 2011-12 (31/1877) 2011 05Apr2011
HCA Affordable Homes Programme - web-page link to webpage current 29Mar2011
Community right to buy - consultation exercise 2011 consultation document 2011 23Mar2011
Community right to challenge - consultation exercise 2011 consultation document 2011 23Mar2011
Housing Improvement Notice on empty home - RPT Decision London 2010 2010 19Mar2011