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Community Interest Companies (CICS) - information link to webpage current 03Apr2017
State Intervention in Vacant Residential Properties: An Evaluation of Empty Dwelling Management Orders in England research findings 2014 24Mar2017
FOI and Intellectual Property Rights - ICO Guidance 11Mar2017
Guardian Poster Poems - Ruins 2015 06Mar2017
Financialisation of housing - UN report Report 2017 01Mar2017
New Homes Bonus - final allocations 2017-18 statistics 2017 21Feb2017
CPO streamlining - timescales and delegated decisions - consultation consultation document 2017 09Feb2017
Housing White Paper 2017 - Fixing our Broken Housing Market white paper 2017 07Feb2017
Housing in England: overview - NAO data visualisations statistics 2017 31Jan2017
Housing in England: overview - NAO report briefing 2017 19Jan2017
National Fraud Intelligence Bureau web-page link to webpage current 16Jan2017
Action Fraud website home page current 16Jan2017
NHB: 2017-18 payments analysed 16Dec2016
EHN Empty Homes Survey 2016 - Tables 06Dec2016
EHN Empty Homes Survey 2016 - FOI request 06Dec2016
Property Guardians debate in Lords - Housing and Planning Bill 2016 02Dec2016
John Maher presentation - Nobody's Home 01Dec2016
Fife presentation - using managerial discretion around Empty Homes Premium 01Dec2016
Empty Homes Survey - ComRes, October 2016 28Nov2016
Cumbria Empty Homes Newsletter - Empty Homes Week 2016 24Nov2016
Great Estates - ResPublica report on estate regeneration Report 2016 10Nov2016
Property Guardians UK - facebook page Facebook page 2016 08Nov2016
Who Guards the Guardians? Legal views of property guardian issues 08Nov2016
Vacant Building Credit - Written Ministerial Statement November 2014 10Oct2016
Compulsory purchase - further reform - consultation 2016 - government response consultation response 2016 22Sep2016
EHN Empty Homes Survey 2016 - table consultation response 2016 19Sep2016
Clusters of Empties funding allocations (2012) 29Aug2016
Submission to APPG Housing Task Force 2016 - conversions of redundant commercial space consultation response 2016 29Aug2016
Submission to APPG Housing Task Force 2016 - clusters of empties consultation response 2016 29Aug2016
Overview of Vacant Housing in Ireland and Potential Actions - 2016 Report 08Aug2016
Leeds City Council Report - Empty Homes Strategy 2016-19 02Aug2016
Constitution - revised draft 2016 EHN constitution etc 2016 27Jul2016
Empty Homes Guide for Parish Councils - South Lakeland 27Jul2016
Affordable Homes from Empty Commercial Spaces guidance, best practice and case studies 2016 11Jul2016
Conference 2016 - link to pictures 01Jun2016
Higher rates of SDLT - EHN consultation response consultation response 2016 26Apr2016
Compulsory purchase - further reform - consultation 2016 consultation document 2016 30Mar2016
No Stone Unturned - EHN proposal for a London Empty Homes Initiative empty homes strategy 2016 21Mar2016
The Council Tax (Prescribed Classes of Dwellings) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2012 14Mar2016
London Enterprise Partnership NHB proposals 11Mar2016