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Title Type of item Year Post datesort ascending Premium Content
New Homes Bonus Consultation 2015 - Sharpening the Incentive - EHN response consultation response 2016 11Mar2016
Self-Help Housing in the North of England - World Habitat Award details guidance, best practice and case studies 2015 04Mar2016
Welsh Streets stories in the Liverpool Echo link to webpage current 05Feb2016
Scottish Empty Homes Partnership Empty Homes Financial Incentives Recommendations Paper 2016 current 03Feb2016
South Lakeland Empty Homes Strategy 2015-2020 02Feb2016
Higher rates of Stamp Duty Land Tax - consultation consultation document 2016 28Jan2016
Local housing, community living: prospects for scaling up and scaling out community-led housing - Smith Institute report policy document current 27Jan2016
Smith Institute link to webpage 2016 27Jan2016
HCA Empty Homes Programme 2012-15 - out-turn by provider 22Jan2016
Scottish Empty Homes Advice Service empty homes strategy current 19Jan2016
Northern Ireland Housing Executive Empty Homes page empty homes strategy current 19Jan2016
3Space - community use of empty commercial buildings - home page link to webpage current 30Dec2015
Rossendale / Pennine Lancashire Empty Homes Programme - DCLG response to an FOI request 30Dec2015
£1 homes in Stoke - Cabinet Report - December 2015 21Dec2015
New Homes Bonus Consultation 2015 - Sharpening the Incentive 2015 17Dec2015
Rossendale Audit and Accounts Committee meeting papers - Empty Homes Project committee report 2015 08Dec2015
EHN letter to Greg Clark - 21Oct2015 - Reply from Brandon Lewis - 20Nov2015 24Nov2015
EHN letter to Greg Clark - 21Oct2015 24Nov2015
Community Grants Programme research - Birmingham University research findings current 23Nov2015
Final evaluation Houses into Homes (Welsh Empty Property Initiative) empty homes strategy 2015 02Nov2015
LandAid website home page current 21Oct2015
Understanding the Potential of Small Scale Community Led Housing - Locality research report research findings 2015 08Oct2015
Locality - Community Led Housing project page link to webpage current 08Oct2015
Leeds Empty Homes Strategy contributes to housing supply for planning purposes 08Oct2015
Commission for Housing in the North - start-up meeting summary briefing current 30Sep2015
The future of housing in the North? - Commission for Housing in the North, 2015 home page 2015 30Sep2015
German empty homes site empty homes strategy current 21Sep2015
Camarthenshire Scrutiny Committee - Empty homes Task and Finish Review 2015 21Sep2015
General Consent 2015 (for disposals by Private Registered Providers) 21Sep2015
How registered providers get statutory consent from the regulator (eg for disposing of empty homes) guidance, best practice and case studies current 21Sep2015
Disposals of empty social housing by registered providers link to webpage current 21Sep2015
BBC Breakfast feature on empty homes, 14th September 2015 current 17Sep2015
Empty Homes in England 2015 - EHA report statistics 2015 14Sep2015
Jeremy Corbyn Housing Policy Document political party policy 2015 13Sep2015
Spending Round 2015 - Empty Homes Network submission empty homes strategy 2015 07Sep2015
Spending Round 2015 - Community Grants Programme submission by consultation response 2015 07Sep2015
Kent No Use Empty - evaluation September 2015 07Sep2015
CGP - The Best Thing - overview of research [Feb 2015 presentation] research summary 2015 04Sep2015
EHCGP Future Funding & Impact Survey Results October 2014 research findings 2014 04Sep2015
CGP - additional funding raised by EHCGP Grant recipients - HACT survey results research findings 2015 04Sep2015