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CGP Empty Homes Funding - Round 1 - Allocations 20Jun2014
HCA Empty Homes Funding - Round 1 - Allocations 18Jun2014
Empty Homes Delivery to March 2014 - EHN analysis 12Jun2014
Capita Empty Homes Review Service - Youtube video video / webcast 2014 06Jun2014
permitted development rights in force current 14May2014
State of the Nation 2013 - EHN FOI request results - staffing and NHB 22Apr2014
Community Led Project Support Fund grant scheme details current 09Apr2014
Community Grants Programme - Midlands Baseline Research research findings 2014 09Apr2014
Islington discussion document - Preventing Wasted Housing Supply consultation document 2014 07Apr2014
ATED - HMRC policy paper briefing 2014 21Mar2014
ATED - Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings - HMRC web-page guidance, best practice and case studies current 21Mar2014
Empty Homes Premium 2013 CTB figures - EHN analysis 18Mar2014
CTB figures 2012 and 2013 - EHN comparison 04Mar2014
Compulsory purchase and compensation - House of Commons Library SN01149 briefing current 04Feb2014
DIY Regeneration? Turning empty homes into homes through homesteading - research report research findings 2013 03Feb2014
Mayor's Housing Covenant (Affordable Homes Programme) 2015-18 - London - GLA web-page grant scheme details 2013 29Jan2014
Affordable Homes Programme 2015-18 - HCA web-page grant scheme details 2014 29Jan2014
New Homes Bonus allocations - cumulative figures 2010-2014 - EHN analysis 07Jan2014
New Homes Bonus allocations - 2014 final figures - EHN analysis 07Jan2014
Draft agreement to pay relevant expenditure IEDMO 05Dec2013
Current Regulation of Bailiffs - House of Commons Library SN04103 briefing current 28Nov2013
Charging Orders - The Charging Orders (Orders for Sale: Financial Thresholds) Regulations 2012 current 28Nov2013
EHN Membership Survey 2013 - Survey Form - Full Member 2013 11Nov2013
EHN Membership Survey 2013 - Survey Form - Associates 2013 11Nov2013
Welsh Houses to Homes Initiative - 2nd Interim Evaluation Report empty homes strategy 2013 05Nov2013
How To Get Help With Your Empty Home - Leeds Empties seminar during National Empty Homes Week current 31Oct2013
Empty Homes - Council Action to Tackle Empty Homes - LGA Guidance empty homes strategy 2013 18Oct2013
No Use Empty West - website empty homes strategy current 18Oct2013
Empty Homes in England - Empty Homes Agency analysis of the figures statistics current 16Oct2013
National Self-Build and Renovation Centre home page current 20Sep2013
Private Sector Leasing - Getting to Yes - Practice Notes EHN Practitioner Guide 2013 12Sep2013
Private Sector Leasing - Lender Briefing guidance, best practice and case studies 2014 12Sep2013
Westminster debate on empty homes 11 September 2013 - webcast video / webcast 2013 11Sep2013
Use of Section 215 Notice - Berg v Salford City Council [2013] Aug 2013 decision/ruling/judgement (non-Tribunal/RPT) 2013 10Sep2013
Northern Ireland Empty Homes Strategy and Action Plan 2013-2018 empty homes strategy 2013 09Sep2013
New Homes Bonus and the Local Growth Fund: Technical Consultation consultation document 2013 23Aug2013
New Homes Bonus - Practitioner Guide guidance, best practice and case studies 2013 05Aug2013
Leasing scheme - process flowchart (Exeter) 25Jul2013
Grant work contractors procedure (Exeter) 25Jul2013
Security and emergency procedures (Exeter) 25Jul2013