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Title Type of item Year Post datesort ascending Premium Content
LEPOF 2012 - September current 06Jul2012
Technical Reform of Council Tax - Summary of respoonses and report consultation response 2012 04Jul2012
VAT letter to owners including charge for supplying information - RBKC 03Jul2012
Exeter City Council's Private Sector Leasing Agreement leasing scheme guide 2012 25Jun2012
Bristol Empty Homes Initiative - videos empty homes strategy current 17Apr2012
Lincolnshire EDMO procedure check list procedure guide 2012 12Apr2012
Statistics Plan (2011-12) statistics 2012 05Apr2012
Access to Council Tax and Other Info guidance, best practice and case studies current 04Apr2012
The Logic of Urban Squatting (research paper) research findings 2011 30Mar2012
English Heritage - Heritage Crime research findings 2012 20Mar2012
Towards a Compulsory Purchase Code - web-page link to webpage current 16Mar2012
HCA Empty Homes Progarmme allocations March 2012 - EHN analysis 07Mar2012
Allocations subject to contract for the Empty Homes Money current 07Mar2012
Empty Shop Toolkit guidance, best practice and case studies 2010 06Mar2012
Portas Review Empty Shops research findings 2011 06Mar2012
Flat Capital Allowance Scheme Abolished 2013 current 06Mar2012
Empty Property Assessment Form - Reading BC empty homes strategy 2012 15Feb2012
Stratford-on-Avon District Council Empty Homes Strategy 2012-2015 consultation empty homes strategy 2012 13Feb2012
EHN letter to CLG re VFM of grant in HMOs letter 2012 07Feb2012
EHN letter to CLG re revolving funds (grant re-cycling) letter 2012 07Feb2012
Community Grants Fund - Tribal grants application page grant scheme details 2012 07Feb2012
Notifications help - screenshots guidance, best practice and case studies current 29Jan2012
Community Grants Programme - Application Guidance (DCLG) grant scheme details 2012 26Jan2012
Riverside Ownplace homesteading - scheme details grant scheme details 2011 20Jan2012
Riverside Ownplace homesteading - brochure grant scheme details 2011 20Jan2012
HCA Empty Homes Programme - Grant Level Model briefing 2011 15Jan2012
HCA Empty Homes Programme - Bidding FAQ guidance, best practice and case studies 2011 15Jan2012
Halifax Empty Homes Survey 2011 statistics 2011 31Dec2011
Technical reforms of council tax - EHN Consultation Response consultation response 2011 20Dec2011
Council Tax Base forms and letters - link to web-page statistics current 16Dec2011
HCA Bidding Guidance - Bringing Empty Homes back into use grant scheme details 2011 21Nov2011
HCA Empty Homes page link to webpage current 21Nov2011
Laying the Foundations: A Housing Strategy for England empty homes strategy 2011 21Nov2011
Council Taxbase 2011 - local authority level data statistics 2011 17Nov2011
Council Taxbase 2010 - local authority level data statistics 2010 17Nov2011
Council Tax Base 2009 - local authority level data statistics 2009 17Nov2011
New Homes Bonus - CLG web-page 2010-15 archive link to webpage current 17Nov2011
EDMO cases - RPT list of cases - LHA applications 12Nov2011
Residential Property Tribunals - Justice guidance home page current 12Nov2011
Technical reforms of council tax - consultation Autumn 2011 consultation document 2011 03Nov2011