HB/CTB Circular S1/2011 Subsidy changes applicable from 1 April 2011 – HB subsidy for customers living in temporary accommodation

This explains in detail the arrangements for paying housing benefit subsidy on the many different forms of temporary accommodation.  It therefore lays out the financial basis for leasing schemes of all sorts including both PSL and HALS schemes.  The arrangements for housing association leasing schemes and local authority leasing schemes are converging with homelessness accommodation offered by housing association falling into the same regime of 90% LHA plus management top-up (though there are many more variants than that).;

Importantly, the guidance makes it clear that leased homes that are used for prevention now fall within the scheme (though it does not comment on the need to make sure that homes leased by councils, though not housing associations, must be leased in part for the purposes of housinghomeless households if they are not to be a part of the HRA).

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