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Bradford empty says it all

This story about the problems experienced with an empty home in Bradford really says it all about the misery a nuisance empty can bring to neighbours.

The Bradford Telegraph and Argus story cites fly-tipping, anti-social behaviour, identify-theft, damp penetration to the neightbouring property as some of the more compelling reasons why the home needs to be brought back into use.

EDMOs found wanting by South Oxfordshire

South Oxfordshire, the first authority in England to have an Interim EDMO approved, has reportedly turned its back on the measure because of the costs involved. According to a BBC story local parish councillor Chrissie Phillips-Tilbury urged the Council to bring more empty homes back into use. But the Council's website states "the council does not have sufficient resource and cannot justify the financial cost of trying to enact EDMOs". The BBC report goes on to report the Coucncil as saying

Derelict council homes to be sold for £1 to help ex-servicemen and women

Mansfield Council is selling 7 derelict council-owned houses to ex-serviceman for £1 each, reports Ross McMillan in a 24dash.com's housing news item published on 27th September.

The project is being managed by social business Training Regeneration Education Employment Sustainability (Trees) Group which will be offering training to the servicemen involved via the Joint Forces Alliance charity. This is the kind of scheme that we can expect the "community group" strand within the £100million empt y homes programme to fund.

Denbighshire and North Wales Homes shows the way with listed building

Empty homes officer Wendy Dearden used her dual role working for North Wales Homes and Denbighshire County Council to help rescue a Llangollen listed building that had lain empty for 30 years and get it converted into 3 flats that have been let to people in housing need. The use of commuted sums from the council helped keep the public subsidy requirement down to acceptable limits while heritage funding picked up some of the extras required to restore historic features.