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Southend - neighbours want EDMO to tackle nuisance property

This week's story, Homes Devalued Claim by Blot on Road from Southend, is a good reminder that local people - and newspapers - see EDMOs as a way to tackle empty homes. It would be good if the government could set asiide its ideological issues with EDMOs and see them for what they are: a reasonable and proportionate response to a difficult problem.

Southend controversy illustrates community concerns about publicly-owned empties

The issue of publicly-owned empties is always one that arouses strong feelings. No doubt there are many aspects of this story which are not found in this on-line debate but the underlying messge to councils is clear enough: don't let homes stand empty if you can possibly avoid it and don't expect an easy ride if you do.

The Essex Echo story and comments from readers can be found here. You have to feel sorry for the Empty Homes Officer caught up in the middle.

Newcastle-under-Lyme shows perseverance pays off

It's good to see the day-to-day successes of empty homes practitioners featuring in the local press - and highlighting how its possible to engage even with reluctant owners and encourage them to bring their homes back into use. There is even a rare photo of an empty homes practitioner (Alison Powers) in action!

The news story from thisisstaffordshire can be found here.