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BPF calls for more focus on empty homes

The British Property Federation has added its weight to the current debates about empty homes. The BPF has been a long-time supporter of empty homes work and used to host NAEPP Executive meetings for several years. As far as we know, the support is currently in the form of a press release, but we are confident that there is more going on behind the scenes. A key player in the property industry, BPF's support for the issue is to be welcomed.

Vacant Dwellings in England (Review)

Vacant Dwellinngs in England

The challenges and costs of bringing them back into use

By Maggie Davidson and Kevin White
Published by BRE Trust, 2010, ISBN 978-1-84806-131-6, A4, 20pp. £26.44 (instant download) or £22.50 (hard copy).

It is very much to the credit of the BRE Trust that they have commissioned this report. It's the first serious analysis of vacant dwellings since the Department of the Environment report Vacant Dwellings in the Private Sector, published 15 years ago.

Number of empties reported in Council Tax Base returns drops slightly

We've just updated the NAEPP analysis of Council Tax Base data to take account of the figures for September 2009 which have just been published by CLG.

This shows that the number of long-term empties (excluding exempt homes) has declined by about 3.5% whilst the number of short-term empties (exemption code "C") has increased by about 2.5%, The overall change is a reduction of about 0.8%.