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Purpose and Scope

This Practitioner Guide shows how New Homes Bonus operates as an incentive for local authorities to bring empty homes back into use.

Our experience of dealing with queries suggests that the way scheme works in relation to empty homes is not universally understood.  The Guide spends some time explaining mechanisms of the bonus such as how the amount of reward is calculated and what the criteria are for earning it.

We go on to makes recommendations about how the contribution of empty homes work can and should be enhanced. These recommendations are not just for empty homes practitioners but for managers and councillors.

Foreword by Cllr. Steve Ricketts, Plymouth City Council

Plymouth City Council is pleased to endorse this guide, which gives practical advice and detailed information to enable local authorities to maximise the receipt of New Homes Bonus.

It demonstrates how important it is for authorities take professional and responsible action to reduce the number of long term empty dwellings in their area.

Plymouth has always ensured its empty homes activity is robust; ensuring every measure possible is taken to get to the root of the problem in order to make maximum use of its existing housing stock.

The amount of New Homes Bonus is significant and this guide serves to enlighten authorities to the importance of having a structure in place to ensure due reward for their empty homes activity.

Steve Ricketts - signature

Cllr Steve Rickets
Cabinet Member for Transport & Housing Delivery
Plymouth City Council


We are grateful to Plymouth City Council and South West Councils for supporting the development of this Guide. 


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