Destin seeks partners for NHB data cleansing pilot

Destin Solutions Ltd. is seeking to help local authorities maximise NHB by partnering with a local authority empty homes team or practitioner to pilot new approaches to data cleansing of the 2017 CTB return.

Duncan Baxter was a last-minute addition to the 2016 Empty Homes Conference, when we learned of Destin’s work with Preston and Lancaster councils’ Shared Services on this issue.  With Destin, rather than the work being outsourced in its entirety in the model adopted by some councils using CapacityGrid or Capita, the approach involved  supporting the council tax teams by sourcing additional information.

Although in the Preston/Lancaster case Destin worked exclusively with the revenue team, this is clearly a model that could be expanded  to situations where an empty homes officer is involved in data cleansing / NHB maximisation exercises. Destin are now looking for an empty homes team that already works closely with its council tax department to pilot a more comprehensive approach that involves all the key players, keeping the work in house but with additional tools available. This allows the exercise to be integrated more closely with the ongoing activities of the empty homes team.

If you are interested in becoming a pilot authority, please contact Duncan Baxter via email at or phone Destin's head office on 01772 842092.

EHN will support this initiative to the extent that we are able to do so and will be watching what unfolds very closely, reporting the results with the expectation that the model can be replicated.

Sponsorship of Excellence in Information Award

To underscore Destin's commitment to developing solutions for the field of empty homes work, they have very kindly agreed to sponsor the Excellence in Information Award for 2017.  Duncan Baxter will be involved in the judging panel and will present the award on Wednesday 24th May in Birmingham at the Empty Homes Conference.

The deadline for submissions is fast approaching. For further details of the award and how to submit an entry, please see our news story.

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