EHN Virtual Conference 2021 – Introducing our Exhibitor Sponsors

The Empty Homes Network are pleased to announce our Exhibitor Sponsors for this year's Virtual Conference on Thursday 27th May, as Finders International, EON Home Solutions, Anglia Research Services and Taylor & Emmett

Having supported our events for a number of years, Finders InternationalEON Homes Solutions and Anglia Research return to support our first Virtual Conference, and will be available throughout the day to answer your questions, and demonstrate how they and their teams can support you in your roles.

A special welcome to Taylor & Emmet LLP, who are sponsoring our Conference for the first time. The full Agenda for the day can be found here.

The Empty Homes Network is extremely proud to have partnered with these four great organisations for this year’s event, and would highly recommend getting in touch with their agents and staff to discuss how they can help your Empty Homes Service, and support the work you do in offering options to owners in your respective areas.


Finders International

Finders International are award winning probate genealogists. We trace missing heirs to property estates, funds and assets worldwide and offer this service FREE of charge to Empty Homes Officers. We have experience in swiftly locating and engaging with owners of vacant or derelict property and can assist in resolving disputes. Whether the owner is living or deceased, we aim to provide prompt solutions every time.

We are also the founding member of IAPPR, the International Association of Professional Probate Researchers, Genealogists and Heir Hunters which aims to provide a single, authoritative for corporate industry professionals.

On announcing their Sponsorship of thew Conference, Public Sector Development Manager, Muhammad Uddin said: “We are passionate about empty homes and bringing them back into use and the EHN National conference is a great platform to engage with National Local Authorities dealing with regional issues.  

Finders International work closely with local Authorities and offer a free tracing service in identifying and locating empty home owners or next of kin of a deceased person. The EHN is known for its reputability and we are delighted to be a part of their National event again in 2021.”

For more information on Finders International, visit their website here.


EON Home Solutions

E.ON are pleased to be supporting the Empty Homes Conference again this year. With the experience established over the last 3 years E.ON continues to develop their Empty Homes Solutions, successfully working with a number of local authorities and their empty homes teams to maximise the number of long term empties brought back into use. Our services include a range of incentives to the Empty Home Owner combining energy efficiency improvements and additional housing related renovations, managed through our expert supply chain. Addressing their needs, wants and the barriers to action they face in bringing a property back in use.

Andrew Angus, E.ON Housing Solutions manager said “Bringing long-term empty homes back into use is a challenge we aim to make a lot easier for our customers.  We’re here to give owners advice on how they might move away from fossil fuels towards something that is cleaner, more efficient and more cost effective. Combining home renovation services with smart, personalised and sustainable energy solutions will help us in meeting that challenge.”

For more information, and to see how E.ON Home Solutions can assist you, contact:


Anglia Research Services

At Anglia Research our priority is to help you to bring empty homes back into use. We employ more accredited researchers than any other UK probate research company and have over twenty legally qualified staff. The calibre of our team is your guarantee of a fast, legally sound solution to all your empty housing problems. 

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of public accountability and transparency. Our draft Code of Practice concerning the use of heir hunters by local authorities, prepared with the help of specialist counsel and a public law QC, has been welcomed by councils looking to employ best practice procedures.

On sponsoring the Conference for a second consecutive year, Executive Director Philip Turvey from Anglia Research said, ““We’re happy to once again be sponsoring this year’s conference. The event has proven to be hugely successful in bringing together professionals and experts from different areas to connect and exchange knowledge and ideas. All have the same aim of wanting to bring empty housing back into use for the benefit of those that need it, and we’re delighted to be a part of this.”

For more information about Anglia Research and their services, visit their website here.


Taylor & emmetTaylor & Emmet are a full-service law firm, within which sits our specialist Empty Homes team, who dedicate themselves solely to issues surrounding empty homes. Our team, headed up by Ben Brown, have a high degree of experience assisting empty homes officers and practitioners at local authorities across the country, and the full-service nature of Taylor & Emmet allows a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary approach to the identification and resolution of what can often become complex issues surrounding empty homes. 

When it comes to empty properties, our aim is to provide you with a one-stop shop for legal solutions, these include:

  • Investigations into the title of the property, including tracing the owner. 
  • Where the owner is deceased, we can help trace their will or any next of kin and assist with the administration of their estate.
  • Where the owner is missing, we can help with an application to appoint a guardian or a declaration of presumed death, to enable the property to be put back into use.
  • Where the owner lacks capacity, we can help with an application to the Court of Protection to enable the property to be to be put back into use.
  • We can help in cases involving unregistered properties with little or no title documents to confirm proof of ownership.  
  • We can help arrange the clearance, insurance, and maintenance for empty properties.
  • We can advise on any landlord and tenant related disputes.
  • We can advise on any enforcement action relating to empty properties such as Compulsory Purchase orders and Empty Dwelling Management Orders

On Sponsoring the EHN Empty Homes Conference for the first time, Ben Brown said: “Our Empty Homes department are committed to help tackle the UK’s growing housing crisis by bringing empty properties back into use. We are delighted to sponsor this years’ National Empty Homes Conference, which brings together a wide range of individuals and organisations who are all striving to achieve the same goal.  

We want to assist in any way that we can, and are happy to work with local authorities across the country. We currently have limited space available for our free virtual training which will focus on the legal options available to empty homes practitioners and professionals when faced with a deceased, missing, or incapacitated property owner.“

For more information please contact us by emailing or visiting their website here.



With delegate prices starting from as little as £39, and with your third delegate place FREE, visit our dedicated Conference page here to download your booking form and secure your place at this year's event.

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