E.ON seeks more partners for its Empty Homes Solutions

Following our announcement of E.ON’s Awards sponsorship (see our story ‘E.ON launches Empty Homes Awards season’) the company has provided more details of its new partnership project to tackle empty homes..

Most people will probably be familiar with E.ON as an Energy supplier, but it is proving itself to be much more than that. E.ON describes itself as

‘a national community focused service provider, working with Local Authorities, Housing Associations, surveyors, developers, contractors, community groups and residents on many different housing projects across the UK to drive real change.' 

Josh Williams, E.ON’s Empty Homes Manager, explains how this experience has fed through into its ‘Empty Home Solutions’ scheme:

Through these projects, E.ON has seen first-hand the impact empty homes have on the local community and as a result has been working closely with a number of Local Authorities over the past year to develop a unique proposition and framework which delivers a very low risk solution to the Local Authorities. 

E.ON is investing in three pilot schemes across the UK and is looking for Local Authorities with an appetite to proactively tackle their empty homes problem in an innovative and effective way. E.ON’s scheme is a cooperative approach, bringing together the Local Authority, local businesses, Housing Associations, community groups, charities and empty home owners.

E.ON will work with the Local Authorities Empty Homes Team to maximise the number of long term empty properties brought back into use, delivering a range of incentives to the empty home owner combining energy efficiency improvements and additional housing related renovations and solutions. It will cater to all manner of empty home owners from the vulnerable customer through to property investors and can also complement existing Local Authority empty home initiatives.

Andrew Angus E.ON Housing Solutions Manager, said:

“We’ve developed the scheme which focusses on the empty home owner, addressing their needs, wants and the barriers to action they face in bringing a property back in use. We recognise that everyone’s circumstances are different and as such we have a broad range of individual solutions available to suit the empty property owner.”

If you would like any further information please contact Andrew Angus E.ON Housing Solutions Manager at andrew.angus@eonenergy.com.

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