Forgotten Spaces 2013 - Preston and London featured

The "Forgotten Spaces 2013" competition is being launched this week, inviting submissions for spaces in London and Preston. Planning magaizne reports that

The Forgotten Spaces competition, run by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) along with the Mayor of London, the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) and the Landscape Institute, is open to students, artists, design professionals, planners, members of the public and local groups (led by a professional) living in the UK.

The competition features a first prize of £5,000 in each city for proposals that will beautify and return to beneficial use any under-used or delapidated property including both land and buildilngs.

The competition is featured in a post on BlogPreston here.

A good sense of what the competition can achieve can be gathered from the results of previous years' submissions for example these.

The competition will be open for submissions from Thursday, 21st February and will close on 9th May (but registrations need to be in by 27th March).

Image credit to CottonGilly on Flickr. for the picture of empty buildings featured in the BlogPreston post

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