Grenfell and empty homes - EHN draft contribution to the Inquiry

I have just posted a discussion draft of a document that may be submitted to the Grenfell Tower Inquiry and that explores the relevance - or potential relevance - of empty homes for the disaster.

Given media reports of Grenfell survivors continuing to live in hotels, the frequent references to empty homes in Kensington and Chelsea, and the headlines when senior Labour politicians proposed requisitioning empty homes to meet the survivors' immediate housing needs, some kind of formal input from the Network seems essential.

Because we don't know the facts at this point, the document is oriented towards identifying the sorts of questions that seem to need asking. 

It is being made available to Full Members only at this point, so you will need to be logged in.  [Now openly available] Please make any comments against the Library Item from where you can download the document.

The document will be shared in its DRAFT form with other interested parties, such as the Justice4Grenfell group and the local MP.

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