Last chance for Expressions of Interest for delivery of EHN support role

We have received an informal Expression of Interest from an individual about taking on the entire support role for EHN (as undertaken by David Gibbens over the last few years). We believe this is likely to produce a deliverable offer.

If anyone else is interested, in the first instance you should register an informal Expression of Interest by 28th December by contacting David Gibbens – message 07528 312932 with your contact details or email him at

We have not updated the original  documentation issued in August 2017, which can be found attached to the current event deadline.

Please refer only to paras 1-11, 13, 14, 17-19 and to Annex A, and not to the timetable. You would also receive a confidential information pack from David Gibbens.

Currently, we are looking for the service handover to begin from January 2019 with full handover by 1st April 2019. Payments to the service provider would be due from income received from all new invoices raised from the beginning of the service handover process.

Please note that we are NOT looking for a formal EoI immediately, but one would need to be forthcoming within a further seven days should you wish to proceed following your initial discussions.  Following the submission of formal EoIs, interviews are expected to be held in the first two weeks of January.

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