Leeds City Council renews Empty Homes Doctor funding

Leeds City Council has decided to provide a further 3-years' worth of funding to the Empty Homes Strategy, focusing on the Holbeck area of the city.

A seven-page report to the Executive (accessible from our Information Library - Full Members only - here) spells out the significant successes achieved over the previous three years. It notes the particular importance of partnerships with community-led housing organisations such as Canopy and Latch, and, in particular, the Empty Homes Doctor service, which is having its funding renewed.

The report sets a target of 138 long-term empties (i.e. over 6 months empty) to be brought back into use each year and justifies the investment of funding from the New Homes Bonus earned.

The decision was picked up and highlighted in a story in the Yorkshire Evening Post.

A webcast of the discussion at the Executive can be found here.

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