TEH - more information emerges from HCA

The HCA has responded promptly to the EHN request for clarification of aspects of the recently-announced Temporary Empty Homes product. The letter from the HCA can be found in our library and the answers will be incorporated into an updated version of our Briefiing on HCA funding as soon as possible.

Among the key points to emerge are:

  • rents in "homelessness" accommodation can be in line with the DWP circular on the subject - thus higher than Affordable Rents
  • "The TEH funding will be phased out from April 2012" - to be replaced by the final empty homes programme informed by the Expressions of Interest currently being sought by the HCA.
  • if local authorities lease properties using TEH it is accepted that non-secure tenancies can be granted

Of these, the proposed phasing out of TEH is the big surprise. We guess that what is meant is that any leasing product after April 2012 will be an integrated part of the £100million programme rather than there being no leasing option after April 2012: we will seek further clarification on this point.

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