Empty Homes Awards 2019 - Open for Submissions

Dear Colleague,

We are pleased to announce that the Empty Homes Awards 2019, are open for submissions, with entries being taken right up until the deadline of 23:59 on Sunday 15th September.

There are six Award categories following on from the successes of last year that celebrate all forms of empty homes activity, from exemplary individuals to shining examples of partnership and collaborative working.

The Awards will again be presented to the winners at this year's National Empty Homes Conference in Birmingham on the 25th September, and look forward to receiving your submissions, and hearing about all of the incredible empty homes work carried out across the Country this year.

The Six Award categories and their Sponsors are as follows:

- Empty Homes Practitioner of the Year, Sponsored by No Use Empty: Kent

Undoubtedly the most coveted award of all amongst our members as a community of practitioners, the Empty Homes Network is all about people, and this is the award which directly recognises the importance of the individual practitioner in the line of work that they are in.

- Best Before and After Photograph Award, Sponsored by Auction House UK

Highlighting the pictures that tell a story, the Best Before and After award showcases the difference empty property practitioners make, in terms of the properties themselves, their appearance, or to the wider community as a whole.

- The Innovation Award, Sponsored by Empty Property Solutions Ltd

Every empty home has its reasons for being empty, and each of those reasons often require individual and bespoke solutions in order to reach a resolution. This award highlights an individual’s, or a project’s creativity and original approach to finding such a solution, and illustrates that there isn’t a one size fits all route for practitioners to take.

- Best Empty Homes Partnership Award, Sponsored by Grafton Empty Homes

This award aims to recognise a partnership between any two independent agencies or organisations where their collaboration has made a fundamental contribution to bringing empties back into use. Whether a single property, a small development or a row of houses, this award celebrates how partnerships and teamwork help create a winning formula.

- Meeting the Challenge Award, Sponsored by Action on Empty Homes

Empty property practitioners excel at providing a range of solutions to the problem of wasted homes. Undoubtedly, some cases are more challenging than others, and this award celebrates an individual’s perseverance, imagination, and intuition to bring a property back into use.

- The Rising Star Award, Sponsored by Orbis Protect

This award aims to highlight the work of a newcomer into the field of empty homes, and follows the same criteria of that of the ‘Practitioner of The Year’ Award. Showcasing an individual’s potential, as well as their significant contributions so far in the role, this award is restricted to local authority employees who have shown that they have a positive future ahead of them in the field of Empty Homes work.

The following applies to all the different awards, except where indicated otherwise in the description of the individual award.

  • Submissions should be clear and to the point and a maximum 1200 words per award on no more than 2 A4 pages
  • You can send us more if you want e.g. pictures, sample forms, process diagrams etc - but in evaluating your submission we will only look at the first 1200 words of the first two pages (which should therefore be self-contained).
  • The deadline for submissions is 23:59 on Sunday 15th September, 2019.
  • Please send your submissions to events@ehnetwork.org.uk

Submissions are accepted on the understanding that you are giving EHN an indefinite licence to reproduce them in whole or in part, edited as appropriate for an audience of empty homes practitioners (for example, in news stories or in our Practice library).

If you have any queries, please refer them to me (contact details below), otherwise we're very much looking forward to a bumper crop of submsisions showing the fantastic work that practitioners are doing up and down the country.

Many thanks,