Empty Homes Practitioner of the Year Award 2011sponsored by Ad Hoc Ltd - nominations please

We are pleased to announce that our Empty Homes Network Practitioner of the Year Award for 2011 is being sponsored once again by Ad Hoc Property Management Ltd. The award will be presented by Ad Hoc at our Home Again Conference in London on May 23rd (see our Event Listings for further details).

We want your nominations please - by Wednesday 18th May. We want a maximum of one side of A4 (or the equivalent in an email) explaining why the nominated person deserves the award. We are interested in any of the following:

  • innovation
  • dedication
  • organisation
  • .... and/or any other quality or achievement that you think deserves recognition.

Don't be embarrassed to nominate yourself. Empty Homes Practitioners often work on their own and don't have colleagues that know how good they are!

The awards will be judged by a panel consisting of Darryl Lawrence (Chair of the Empty Homes Network and Director of Rochdale Housing Initiiative), a representative from Ad Hoc Property Management Ltd., and Andrew Lavender of Empty Homes Training Ltd.

Please send your nominations to admin@ehnetwork.org.uk

"Don't just lock it - Ad Hoc it"