Modified terms and conditions

Dear Colleague

We have created some new check-boxes to be ticked when new users register on the EHN website. They have been added to help us comply with the General Data Protection Regulations coming into force in May.

Unfortunately, these constitute a change to our 'Terms and Conditions', which means that, although they don't really affect existing users, the next time you log in you will be presented with the T&C again and all the boxes will need to be ticked.

Two checkboxes concern our e-newsletters and our email notifications of new content. They tell new users that they will automatically be subscribed to them but that they can easily change their subscriptions via their account pages.

(Please note that if  you have unsubscribed from newsletters or email digests this will NOT affect you as the check boxes only refer to automatic subscriptions for newly registering users and do not affect the subscriptions of existing users.)

A further checkbox makes it clear that material users publish on our website - and thus any personal details that may be included in their posts - is designated for indefinite publication.

Sorry that having to re-accept all the terms and conditions is a rather clunky way of proceeding but this seems to be the only way we can obtain the permissions we need for new users. Moreover, it does seem that specific check-boxes are required for this sort of thing, rather than simply including relevant text in the main T&C.

Please do contact me if you have any issues with the foregoing.

Best wishes

David Gibbens, Website Manager
Empty Homes Network
0303 04 01 008 (leave message) or 07528 312932 (direct mobile)