Our 'Subscriptions' feature allows our registered Members and Subscribers to be notified by email when the website is updated with new content.

You can receive notifications for any of the following content types:

  • around-the-web quick links
  • blog posts
  • book pages
  • case studies
  • forum posts
  • library items
  • news stories
  • events
  • static webpages

You'll get notified when new content is added, including new comments and replies, but not when existing content is updated.

You can decide how frequently you get notifications and you can set different intervals for different types of content. So you could set "As soon as possible" for forum posts, so you can easily participate in discussions, whilst setting "daily" for library items. If you don't want to receive so many notifications you might set the interval to weekly. ("As soon as possible" means "within the next hour" as notifications are batched and run hourly.)

When you register on our site, you are set up to receive a daily digest of any new content, so you would get a maximum of one email per day. In practice, you are likely to get two or three such digests a week.

Your settings are easy to change from your account page ("my account") by selecting the "Subscriptions" tab. (Of course, you have to log in first). The options are more-or-less self-explanatory, but you can refer to the steps below. The letters in brackets refer to the screenshots in a PDF file of some screen shots you can download and view or print. [The screenshot file needs updating]

Steps and notes

  1. Log in to the website
  2. Clcik the My account link [A]
  3. Click the Subscriptions tab [B]
  4. Click the Content Type button [C]
  5. For each content type, use the drop-down to select the frequency [D]
  6. Click the check-box accordiing to whether you want to receive comments or replies [E]
  7. Note that you can click the check box [F] to select or deselect all content types.
  8. Remember to click the Save button to save the latest settings.