Property Guardian Providers Association

The Property Guardian Providers Association now has its own website.

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The Property Guardian Providers Association is the main sponsor of the 2018 Empty Homes Conference, organised by the Empty Homes Network and taking place in Birmingham on 18th October, 2018.

The recently formed Providers Association has been set up by 7 leading firms to ensure and promote higher standards.  They set out their stall in November 2017 with the publication of Safety First: The Law on Property Guardians, authored by three top housing lawyers.

Reputable Property Guardian firms keep commercial and residential premises safe and secure by accommodating vetted Property Guardians in them until the buildings are needed again. Property Guardians prevent squatting, theft and further criminality.  This is a proven and effective way to protect any property, saving up to 80% on security costs.

The seven current (September 2018) members of the PGPA are listed individually below:

Ad Hoc Property Management

Camelot Europe

Dex Property Management

Guardians of London

Live-in Guardians

Lowe Guardians

VPS Guardians

For further information please contact:
m: 077 222 82 946


We understand that provider Dot Dot Dot is not now going to be involved in the creation of a formal association. Sponsorship and other material is being updated accordingly. Apololgies for any confusion caused by this.