Performance and monitoring: EHN guidelines for local authorities

The Empty Homes Network has produced Guidelines for monitoring empty homes interventions by local authorities  This grew out of an earlier exercise where we produced a Code of Guidance on the application of Best Value Performance Indicator 64. The history is explained in the current Guidelines.

We encourage all local authorities to adopt these.

Please note that the number of empty homes reported in the Council Taxbase returns and the changes in the numbers of long-term empties reported in relation to the New Homes Bonus cannot be taken to reflect the performance of the local authority in tackling empty homes. The global figures for long term empties and the changes from year to year reported by the Department and Communities and Local Government in connection with New Homes Bonus reflect wider market forces and data inaccuracies over which the local authority has little control.

The latest version of the Guidelines themselves, entitled Guidelines for Monitoring Empty Homes Interventions: A standard approach for local authorities, can be downloaded from our library by following this link.

Latest news about the Guidelines can be found by following this link.

Note that there are two versions of a template monitoring spreadsheet that accompanies the Guidelines.

The more sophisticated version for full members and subscribers includes a data sheet which, if filled in correctly, automatically populates the summary sheet.

The latest version now includes a worksheet that calculates earnings of New Homes Bonus from the datat recorded from the successful intervention.

The less sophisticated version, lacking the data sheet from which the summary can be automatically populated, is available to everyone. This is essentially just a template which illustrates how the different categories of success identified in the Guidelines can be presented.