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  1. In  text fields,  please use normal combinations of upper and lower case letters eg John Smith not john smith or JOHN SMITH. 
  2. E-mail addresses that do not end in,, .org, or are likely to be blocked. You will need to contact admin in advance for your account to be set up.Phone 0303 04 01 008 or, preferably, email for further information.
  3. For Username It is recommended to use your normal name eg Joe Bloggs. Alternatively, use Initial+Surname eg JBloggs, JSmith. Abbreviate if necessary (eg double barrelled names).
  4. Please note that EHN is for empty homes practitioners and we need to be able to verify that you are a practitioner from the information supplied.  (People supplying email addresses of local authoriites, other governmental bodies, relevant charities and Registered Social Landlords will be deemed to qualify automatically.)