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Submitted by David Gibbens on 9 Apr 2014 - 10:40

New research indicates the range of positive impacts delivered by the government’s £50million Empty Homes Community Grants Programme and the diversity of organisations that have benefited from it.  The evaluation report, authored by David Mullins and Halima Socranie of Housing and Communities Research Group, University of Birmingham, was  launched on Tuesday at a meeting attended by over 60 representatives from a wide range of organisations including DCLG and the HCA.

Baseline Report

The report focuses on 6 case studies in the Midlands.  It is intended to be one of 3 similar “baseline reports” each focusing on different housing markets.  As a baseline report, it captures the early experiences of the participating community organisations. At the launch itself, some of those organisations provided brief outlines of their projects.  No one...