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Submitted by David Gibbens on 23 Jul 2014 - 16:43
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At last Thursday's Empty Homes Summit, organised by the Empty Homes Network, representatives from the Homes and Communities Agency and the Department of Communities and Local Government stressed the need for organisations with allocations under Rounds 1 and 2 of the government's Empty Homes Programmes to be confident of delivery or hand allocations back so the funding could be re-deployed elsewhere.

Re-allocation within Empty Homes pot

Sarah Streater and Helen Williams of the HCA, both Area Managers with operational responsiblities for delivery, described how the aim throughout was to keep money within the Empty Homes Programme if at all possible. Where money was returned, the first port of call was other empty homes projects within the same area; if there were no takers, money would be returned to the national pot but with the intention of funding empty homes projects elsewhere in the country. 

Despite difficulties in some areas, there were also...