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Action On Empty Homes release 'Pretty Vacant' report.

'Pretty Vacant', a report highlighting how property investment in London is reducing access to much needed housing for locals, has been releasedm by the campaigning charity Action on Empty Homes.

Working in conjunction with the Trust for London, the report highlights:

- The inaccuracies in data from which London's Housing Policy is based on

- The variation in numbers of recorded empty and second homes between neighbouring Boroughs

- The short-term let markets significantly impacting on the rental market

- The tens of thosands of homes currently under construction destined for inward investment rather than providing a supply for locals.

The report goes on to outline a number of recommendations for Government in order to solve such disconnect.

Chris Bailey, Campaign Manager and author of the report for Action on Empty Homes, said:

Empty Homes Awards 2019 - The Winners (Part 2)

In part 2 of our award winners story, we look at the successful submissions for the remaining three awards, presented at the 2019 Empty Homes Conference in Birmingham.

Meeting the Challenge Award - Sponsored by Action on Empty Homes

Winner: City of Bradford Metrolpolitan District Council

Bradford has the highest proportion of empty homes in Yorkshire, with 19 in every 1,000 homes laying empty for at least six months. We also have the highest number of empty homes in Yorkshire (4,090).

Bradford has a large and rapidly growing population. Over the last decade the District’s population growth has been much faster than the national average, growing at a rate of 11.1% compared to 7.1% nationally.

This population change and consequential increased housing demand , together with  the issue of quality (or lack of) within the private rented sector presents considerable housing pressures within the District. 

Empty Homes Awards 2019 - The Winners (Part 1)

Having had the time to reflect on this year's successful National Empty Homes Conference, it is time to celebrate the fantastic work being done across the Country, highlighted during our Annual Empty Homes Awards, presented in Birmingham.

In Part 1, we look at the stories and judges comments behind three of our winners.

Best Before and After Photograph Award - Sponsored by Auction House UK

WINNER - Derby City Council

‘The panel felt that this submission was the one which gave the most significant change from before and after. The neighbouring properties were badly affected by the state of the property and now the improvements have added value to their surroundings and improved the street scene."

Conference Showcases Projects and Innovation During Successful Empty Homes Week

Held on the 25th September at our usual Venue of Maple House in Birmingham, this year's National Empty Homes Conference proved a huge success, in showcasing successful regeneration and refurbishment projects from across the Country, during National Empty Homes Week.


This year's line-up, varied and as informative as ever, were exceptionally well received, and feedback showing that Streets2Homes and the Welsh Streets case studies were the highlights for many delegates. The feedback generally for the Conference was fantastic, and it's hoped that next year's event will be as big, as informative and as well attended as this year, with some minor adjustments to account for the feedback received.

2019-09-25 10.06.23.jpg


Repurposing Vacant Sheltered Accommodation for Fire Safety Trials

With figures from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government showing that the number of long term vacant properties across England has risen to more than 216,000, we’re looking at the highest levels of homes standing empty (for more than six months) since 2012. Economically, this accounts for around £53.6bn of property in England alone, according to an analysis carried out by modular home and school builder Project Etopia.

Orbis Protect joins forces with E.ON to bring private homes back into use

Leading property protection provider Orbis Protect has joined forces with E.ON, one of the UK's top energy suppliers, to support its drive to tackle the UK’s housing shortage by bringing empty homes back into use.

Orbis Protect is partnering with E.ON on the scheme and will provide specialist clearance and cleaning of any empty properties, externally and internally.

https enabled to give users more secure access

A more secure protocol has been implemented for accessing the EHN website

This is the 'https' or Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure, replacing the previous 'http' protocol.

https is now regarded as the standard for websites that involve payments or where users enter passwords. It means all traffic from your browser to the website is encrypted.

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2019 Conference Line-up - Updated

Planning and preparation is well under way for the National Empty Homes Conference, to be held in Birmingham on Wednesday 25th September, 2019.

As always, a strong and varied speaker line-up includes presentations from:

- Kerrie Eastman; Streets2Homes & Harlow Council

Using Council owned empty properties to help homelessness