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EHN Statistics & Resources Research 2021 launched: Survey now available

The Empty Homes Network is pleased to announce the launch of its nationwide survey, aimed at investigating the correlation between local and nationally held statistics, the breakdown of those numbers, along with the resources applied to empty homes work by Local Authorities.

Based on the statistics held within Empty Homes Officer databases, the research aims to: 

- break down locally held information and statistics into categories and descriptions of their ownership types, and reasons for becoming and/or remaining empty such as pre/post probate

- compare and contrast those categories and their statistics, and determine whether trends can be found to support a national, regional, rural or urban hypothesis as to why empty homes figures have risen across the country in recent years

- consider the numbers of empty homes brought back into use with Local Authority involvement and intervention

EHN launches nationwide review of empty homes statistics: Local Authorities and Empty Homes Officers encouraged to get involved

The Empty Homes Network is to launch an in-depth study of officer-held empty homes data, in order to better understand current statistics, identify areas of increase and decrease in empty homes numbers, and to provide a national context to support those who are experiencing challenges locally.

Working directly in partnership with Local Authorities and their Empty Homes Officers, the research aims to gather information and statistics from databases held ‘in-house’ by officers and teams nationwide in order to provide a direct comparison with the statistics, soon to be submitted by Councils through their CTB forms.

With the study aiming to provide local and national context to the reported annual figures, it also aims to:

- break down locally held information and statistics into categories and descriptions of their ownership types, and reasons for becoming and/or remaining empty such as pre/post probate

EHN Awards 2021: Our Winners

Having let the dust settle on this year's Virtual National Empty Homes Conference, we are now able to share the details of this year's winners of the EHN Awards. Showcasing the achievements of individuals and Local Authorities across six different award categories, these awards highlight the increadible work, dedication and progress shown within the field of empty homes, during what has been a challenging year for everyone across the Country.

Best Before and After Photograph Award - Sponsored by Auction House & UK Property Rescue

Joint Winner - Lisa Coutts, North East Lincolnshire Council

Introducing Our Final Virtual Conference Sponsor: Habitat for Humanity Great Britain

Habitat for Humanity GB are delighted to be attending the Virtual Empty Homes Conference this year, as both a sponsor and exhibitor. We have benefitted over many years from being a member of the Empty Homes Network, and our work as a housing charity in bringing empty property into use as affordable homes has been enhanced through the peer learning, networking and opportunities to collaborate that this has afforded.

Great Britain has its share of poverty, and often it is hidden. Through various initiatives, our global charity is providing part of the solution to complex housing and community challenges that continue to persist in the UK, and many places around the world. This in turn empowers some of the most marginalised families and vulnerable people in society to achieve strength, stability, and self-reliance.


First EHN Virtual Conference Proves Successful

The first ever EHN Virtual Empty Homes Conference, held on the 27th May, proved to be a great success, with over 250 delegate attending on the day, and some fantastic sessions presented by a selection of industry experts.

Held virtually for the first time in partnership with our provider Hirespace, this year's Conference brought the usual interesting and informative sessions to our biggest audience to date. 

Enforced sales could help empty homes crisis

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Repurposing Vacant Sheltered Accommodation for Fire Safety Trials

With figures from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government showing that the number of long term vacant properties across England has risen to more than 216,000, we’re looking at the highest levels of homes standing empty (for more than six months) since 2012. Economically, this accounts for around £53.6bn of property in England alone, according to an analysis carried out by modular home and school builder Project Etopia.

Orbis Protect joins forces with E.ON to bring private homes back into use

Leading property protection provider Orbis Protect has joined forces with E.ON, one of the UK's top energy suppliers, to support its drive to tackle the UK’s housing shortage by bringing empty homes back into use.

Orbis Protect is partnering with E.ON on the scheme and will provide specialist clearance and cleaning of any empty properties, externally and internally.