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(Note: for further information or to upgrade your existing membership contact admin@ehnetwork.org.uk)

How do I join the Empty Homes Network?

You join by creating an account for yourself on the website. Click the little green Join link (to the right of the the login box). Or click here. Please read the instructions on the account set-up screen carefully before entering your data.

Membership Criteria

Membership is open to a wide range of people who are actively engaged with tackling empty homes as part of their jobs.

Many of our members work for local authorities on private sector housing issues or as strategy or enabling officers. We also welcome into our membership

  • people working for housing associations or for regeneration companies
  • employees of small not-for-profit and community organisations engaged in empty homes work
  • professionals such as solicitors and accountants
  • private businesses involved in dealing with empty homes.

If you are not sure about your eligibility then please email us first.

But even if you are not eligible for Membership you can still get most of the benefits of Membership by becoming a Subscriber.

Full Membership of the Empty Homes Network

Corporate Membership is appropriate for most organisations .

Any employee of the sponsoring organisation can become a Corporate Member within the single annual fee. So one fee, many members. Fees are currently £95 for most organisations, £55 for small, charitable voluntary organisations.

Collective Membership is available where a group of local authorities in a recognised Empty Homes Forum (of at least 5 authorities) has got together to join collectively. This offers the same benefits as Corporate Membership but at a discounted rate. A rate for the whole forum is calculated based on £75 each for unitary authority and £60 each for distrcts. We seek an arrangement whereby there is one invoice for the whole forum.

Individual Membership is only available to sole traders and attracts a discounted fee (currently £35 per annum).

Benefits of Full Membership

The benefits of full membership (ie Corporate/Collective/Individual membership) can be enjoyed by all the employees of the sponsoring organisation, who

  • can benefit from discounts when attending the Empty Homes Conference and any EHN-sponsored training events
  • have access to the entire Information Library and any other services restricted to Corporate Members
  • have full voting rights on all issues (one vote per paid-up membership)

Full membership ensures that the Empty Homes Network will be able to deliver the maximum benefit to all members. EHN cannot easily develop resources such as this website without the financial backing that full membership brings.

If you work for a local authority, full membership also identifies your local authority as being actively involved in empty property work. it demonstrates your authority's commitment to having an effective empty property strategy by equipping your staff with the best resources available.

Other Types of Membership

Associates are not strictly speaking members and cannot vote in Empty Homes Network processes but can participate in our forums. Associate status is currently free, but see below for the limitations of this. Only employees of local authorities can become Associates.

Student Membership is for students who are involved in full-time education on study projects involving empty homes.

Library Subscriptions

You can become a Subscriber to the Empty Homes Network for £95 per annum. You do not need to be an empty property practitioner. This gives you access to everything in our Information Library (otherwise only available to full paying members of EHN) and you will receive Newsletters and notifications of updates to the site. You will not be a member of the Network and therefore will not have voting rights. For a brief summary, refer to the flyer in our library.


NB: Associate status is only available to local authority staff. This is because arbitrary budget restrictions mean that empty homes staff in some local authorties are prevented from paying.

As an Associate, you can access discussion forums and other selected pages on this website. You can participate in some of the affairs of eg feeding into EHN consultation responses.

However Associates

  • can't access Premium content including our Practitioner Guides, specialist pages and older content
  • don't qualify for discounts at EHN events such as our Annual Conferences
  • don't qualify for discounts when attending training courses run by ourselves or our partners
  • can't vote in EHN democratic processes or stand for Executive positions

What about payment?

Fees are calculated at so much per quarter plus £15 admin fee. So, for example, the full Corporate fee of £95 is calculated as £20 per quarter plus £15 admin fee. Membership years run April to March.

However, you cannot join for part years. So if you want to join in the middle of the year you either have to pay the full-year amount or pay through to the end of he following year.

If you do join for more than a year you will save on the admin fee as this will be charged at £15 no matter how many quarters you join for.